Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Nam Gyoo-ri and Jeong Hae-in's elope ends

Nam Gyoo-ri and Jeong Hae-in went back to their families.

On the 40th episode of the SBS weekend drama "Yeah, That is How It Is", Lee Na-yeong (Nam Gyoo-ri) and Yoo Se-joon (Jeong Hae-in) were taken back home.

Lee Na-yeong and Yoo Se-joon left the homeregardless of their parents' oppositions. They made it thrueach day doing demandingpaintings and were financially struggling.

However, Lee Na-yeong sooner or later told Yoo Se-joon, "I can not take it anymore. I would like tomove home". She attempted to convince him to do in ordersmartlyyet they argued and Yoo Se-joon tried to make her go alone.

Yoo Se-joon's circle of relatives Han Hye-kyeong (Kim Hae-sook) and Yoo Se-hee (Yoon Soy) got here along and took them back home. Yoo Se-joon apologized to his grandma Kim Sook-ja (Kang Boo-ja).

Lee Na-yeong cried as she fell into Lee Tae-hee's (Im Ye-jin) arms.