GOT7 Grew to become  Where Up All over Fly In Singapore Concert

GOT7 Grew to become Where Up All over Fly In Singapore Concert

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)GOT7's 'Fly Tour' landed in Singapore's Suntec TownConference Centre on 24 June 2016. It's miles their much-anticipated first full-length concert in Singapore, after visiting Singapore 3 timesprior to now for fanmeetings and promotional activities. GOT7 is composed of 7 members, leader JB, Junior, Youngjae, Jackson, Mark, BamBam and Yugyeom.

GOT7 began the concert with 'Put Your Hands Up', dressed in black and shining silver suits. They overrated the 4,500 enthusiasts alongside crowd favorites like 'Girls Ladies Girls', 'A' and 'Magnetic'. A platform in the midst of the front extension level rose up all the style through 'This Star', bringing GOT7 closer to the fans who are seated behind.

AdvertisementTrue to their roots as a multi-national boy band, GOT7 interacted with their fans immediatelythroughtalking English. BamBam offeredthe thought thatat the back of their 'Fly Tour', he acknowledged "I practiced this (English speech) for 2 days, the theorem is, we will fly to far and widethe sectorto satisfy our fans. We have got flown to Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, nowadaysin any case nosotros fly to Singapore!"

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)Moving directly to the special sub-unit stages, a white piano seems onstage, with Youngjae gambling the piano originally of '1:31AM', a duet with JB. This song was once named '1:31AM' as it turned into the time when they composed it. They took turns to hit the long, prime notes, which sounded amazing.

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)Junior and Mark conducted 'Higher', a song that suits the theme of 'Fly Tour' well. Junior wore a bright blue suit and Mark wore a purple suit, as they sang the lyrics "Take me higher, higher, higher", the fans in the status pen were given more high and danced along.

BamBam, Jackson and Yugyeom started their 'We HandiestReside Once' functionalitywhilst seated on futuristic throne seats. When the songpace changed, they started dancing as Jackson rapped in his husky voice. The preferredword is 'You Only Live Once (YOLO)', Jackson jokingly said the explanation they replaced IT to 'We Only Live Once' is because of copyright.

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)After screening a hilarious video on how GOT7 learnt the essence of womancrew dances from Lee Guk Joo, a Korean comedian, the segment on girl community songs begun. Junior, Mark and Youngjae took the stage with 'Me Gustas Tu' (originally by GFriend); they had their own taste of dancing, which was a combine of cuteness and oddness. As they donned wigs and purple dresses, they accomplishedlovely dance moves in a sturdy style, which failed toslightlyhave compatibility in with their newly minted "girl" image. This contrast made cross-dressing boy bands amusingto observe and fans obviously enjoyed each minute of it.

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)Joining the go dressing celebration with 'Dumb Dumb' (originally by Red Velvet), BamBam, Jackson, JB and Yugyeom danced enthusiastically while dressed in red-white dresses. They changed a phase of the lyrics and dance moves. BamBam teased fans by asking "Are we cute? Are we pretty? Are we sexy?" Either daughterorganizationgroups later mixedto accomplish 'Hooked'.

A funny moment arose when the talkative Jackson spoke a little too speedy and got their song call wrongly, "My favourite song is 'I Can't'." Mark replied, "Wait, the song is known as 'Can't'. Jackson attempted to hide up his mistake, "No no I intendedI admire 'Can't', so I, paused (silent pause approach love) 'Can't'. We consider quick-witted Jackson to get a grasp ofvividtechniquesto supply an explanation for himself.

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)GOT7 playeda sequence of new songs from their fresh album 'Flight Log: Departure', 'Fly', 'Home Run' and 'See The Light'. When Mark shared the unhappy news of 'the display is coming to an end." Fans screamed "NOOOO!" Jackson asked, "Do you need to haveto begin from the beginning?" Mark shouted, "Let's rewind!" and began their performance of 'Rewind'.

There was an interactive segment called 'Spin The Wheel', the camera will zoom in on enthusiastic fans and the selected fans were asked to dance along to GOT7's songs. Even if GOT7 contributors were no longer onstage, they were viewing it behind the scenes and fans maypay attention their live commentary.

(Photo : ONE Production / Marcus Lin)Before the encore stage, GOT7 members expressed their heartfelt gratitude in English. Mark said, " Thank you for coming today. Get home safe, guys, tillthe following fourth dimension we meet every one other, remain healthy and deal with yourselves. We may beready to exist back soon!" Jackson continued, "As Mark said we are going to be back soon, perhaps for a fanmeeting, maybe for any other concert, or maybe for a discuss withon your HOUSE! Singapore is great, Sentosa, Evening Safari (both are tourists attractions in Singapore) are great, yet yous know what is better than that? It is YOU!"

JB said earnestly, "Please at all times be by my side."

BamBam expressed his love for Singapore by pronouncing "I couldcome again here with my circle of relatives for a vacation."

Junior asked fans, "You guys promise me that you like only GOT7. Promise?"

Youngjae attempted his best possibleto talk English, "Today is terribly very funny, I'm thenmore than pleased and in Singapore so hot. You guys are so hot people. I'm going to be back." He sang 2PM's 'I'll Be Back', on a whim, while Mark and Jackson started dancing.

Not forgetting to advertise their K-Live hologram prove in LodgeInternational Sentosa, Mark announced, "If you guys wish to see us again, you'll watch the hologram concert."

As GOT7 members gave their be awarethat they are going to be back, we look forward to seeing them back in Singapore!

'Fly Tour' continues with the North The usa concerts, that may kickoff in Dallas on 1st July and lead to Los Angeles on 11th July 2016.

Special thank you to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to quilt GOT7 1st Concert Fly in Singapore.

Writer: Ashley Ngo | Photo Credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

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