The Stunning Meanings In the back of  Those 10 K-Pop Fandom Names

The Stunning Meanings In the back of Those 10 K-Pop Fandom Names

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn K-Pop, you arent just fans. As a K-Pop idol fan, you determine yourself thrua selected fandom(s) that screams, Im keen on this idol!. And to additional bridge the space of idol and fan, fandom names have meaningful significance.

In this post, we can bein a position to existtaking a look at 10 K-Pop idol fandom names and explore the actualwhich meansat the back of their names, adding BEAST, EXO, TVXQ, SHINee, BTOB, B.A.P, iKON, Rainbow, Oh My Girl, INFINITE and SEVENTEEN.

Image: BEAST 3rd album 'Highlight' / Dice Entertainment Image: BEAST 3rd album Spotlight / Cube Entertainment

BEAST (B2st)- Good looks (B2uty)

Describes the loving dating between BEAST and fans.

 B2st and B2uty does no longer consist in watching at each and every other yet in searchingin combination in the similar locality

Image: EXO image thought for Fortunate One song / SM Entertainment Image: EXO image theory for Lucky One track / SM Entertainment

Short for EXO-LOVE that suggests EXO and enthusiastssimplest love each one other.

L is situated between the alphabet K and M thus fans are surrounded by capacity of EXO-K and EXO-M (EXOs gadgets for Korea and China).

Image: TVXQ for Upward thrust equally God free up / SM Entertainment Image: TVXQ for Rise as God release / SM Entertainment

  Cassiopeia is a constellation in the evening sky, Anyplace you look, TVXQ is with fans whenever.

Image: SHINee Married to the Music / SM Entertainment Image: SHINee Married to the Music / SM Entertainment

 Shine HiConcept Need Enjoy Ease Wait Oxygen Remember Laugh Fate

Image: Cube Entertainment Image: Cube Entertainment

BTOB stands for Born to Beat, a beat and melody is had to create music so the callway BTOB wishes fans to make music.

Image: TS Entertainment Image: TS Entertainment

B.A.B.Y stands for InfantAt all times Behind You as in We are able tocontinuously be there behind to cheer you on.

Fans are B.A.Ps little one (used as a term of endearment)

Image: iKONCERT 2016 SHOWTIME Excursion IN JAPAN / YG Entertainment Image: iKONCERT 2016 SHOWTIME TOUR IN JAPAN / YG Entertainment

 IKONIC symbolizes the idol and fan

Image: c Image: Rainbows Whoo MV / YouTube video duvet from 1theK

 Describes the joining between Rainbow and fans with a rainbow shining amidst the darkness.

Image: Oh My Lady Windy Day EP / WM Entertainment Image: Oh My Lady Windy Day EP / WM Entertainment

Meeting fans was once a miracle itself.

Image: Infinite's Facebook / Woollim Entertainment Image: Infinites Facebook / Woollim Entertainment

The note inspirit itself is explained as encouraging or enlivening any individual and as a fandom name means they are the In Spirit of INFINITEs middle (they even have a song titled Song of My Heart that describes this relationship). Combining Endless alongside soul and spirit becomes The soul of INFINITE.

Image: SEVENTEEN for romance Letter album / Pledis Entertainment Image: SEVENTEEN for Love Letter album / Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEENs diamonds are Carat (the fans) who is helping them shine.

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