“Doctors” Finds Park Shin Hye’s Dark Adolescence  Thru Online Prequel

“Doctors” Finds Park Shin Hye’s Dark Adolescence Thru Online Prequel

Doctors Finds Park Shin Hyes Dark AdolescenceThru Online Prequeljun2yng June 26, 2016 0 Doctors Displays Park Shin Hyes Dark Childhood Through Online Prequel SBS drama “Doctors,” starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, has printed the dark childhood of Park Shin Hye’s persona Hye Jung by manner ofa web clip, a first for K-dramas.

The clip starts with a temporary scene of Hye Jung’s father leaving her at your doorstep of her grandmother’s house, which used to be shown in the drama. Hye Jung’s father says, “Our courting is over,” and Hye Jung bites back, “We were over the day that girlgot here to our house.

We then see a tender Hye Jung sitting bruised and battered in front of her stepmother.

Stepmother: “How can you have not any fear? Do adults’ words mean not anything to you?

Hye Jung: “This is my mom’s house.”

Stepmother: “Did you forget? Your motherdeserted you lot and died. I’m the just one in the sector who can offer coverage to you.

Hye Jung: “Don’t touch me again!”

The stepmother then slaps Hye Jung.

The next scene with the stepmother display her interplay alongside Hye Jung’s grandmother. The stepmother says, “Are you gazing me? Seeing if I treat Hye Jung well?” Hye Jung’s grandmother just says that she needsto peer Hye Jung prior to she leaves, and that she’s now not watching her. The stepmother responds, “You are watching me. Don’t come by.”

The video ends with Hye Jung’s narration: “Good memories. I had good memories, too. I remembered after I met my grandmother.”

A member of the drama production said, “For the primary time ever, we revealed Hye Jung’s dark childhood tale online instead of through broadcast. We neededto supply an explanation for through this prequel the relationship Hye Jung has with her stepmother, and the basis of the deep familial love between Hye Jung and her grandmother.”

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