Samsung, LG to Roll Out Inexpensive Smartphones

Samsung, LG to Roll Out Inexpensive Smartphones

Samsung, LG and Pantech are rolling out several low- to mid-priced smartphones later this month.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy On7, and LG will release its newest X Series phone. Pantech, once among Korea's best3 smartphone makers, may be set to unveil a new less expensive smartphone.

Their topobjectives are teens and young adults as they start summer vacation.

Samsung will liberate a changededition of the Galaxy On7 exclusively via SK Telecom in Korea. It used to beintroduced in India in past due 2015. It has a 5.5-inch screen and upgraded reminiscence and other functions. It'll also be given a new name.

The Galaxy On7 became priced at 10,190 rupees in India (around W180,000) and is expected to price between W200,000 and W300,000 in Korea.

LG is liberating4 or five items in the X Series that debuted in March this year.

The X Cam would be the first to hit retail outlets and includes a 5.2-inch screen and dual camera much like the top rate G5. The X Power, X Mach, X Taste and X Max are to follow.

Pantech will unveil the maximum recent Sky smartphone at its headquarters on Wednesday. The IM-100 has wireless recharging skill and it sounds as ifcapabilities the recent Google OS. It's far expected to payment between W300,000 and W400,000.

The type celebrates Pantech's last-minute rescue, because when read in Korean the call sounds like "I'm back".

A Pantech staffer said, "We plan to supply a wireless recharger and additionalapparatus enabling external speakers".

The target shoppers are scholars and young adults who are eyeing new smartphones for the summer. Main smartphone makers generally roll out new top class models in the autumn, so the summer providesa spot for more affordable models.

"As technological differences transform slimmer between premium smartphones, it ischanging intomore and morevery important to advertise products properly to the proper segment", acknowledged Lee Byung-tae at the Korea Complex Institute of Science and Technology.