Eric Nam And Sun  Percentage A First Kiss And Sleepover

Eric Nam And Sun Percentage A First Kiss And Sleepover

Eric Nam And SunPercentage A First Kiss And Sleepoverleonid June 25, 2016 0 Eric Nam And Solar Share A First Kiss And Sleepover Eric Nam and Solar make just rightdevelopment in their courtingat the June 25 episode of MBCs We Were given Married.

The couple enjoys their date with the MAMAMOO girls, who have come to pay a wonder visit.

The five spend time in combinationgambling games, and Eric Nam finally ends up having to give Solar a kiss on the cheek as penalty for losing. In reality, this was oncea phase of the plan of the sly wing-women who cheated so as to begin physical touch between the couple.

Always the gentleman, Eric Nam asks Solar whether she would love to be on the giving or receiving finish of the kiss, and she chooses the latter.

Solar shuts her eyes tightly as Eric Nam moderately closes in and kisses her on her cheek.

During the interview, Solar shares, My brain went blank. Im no longer one to turn physical showsof love in front of people, so I felt shy.

Eric Nam states, I still felt shy even supposing 1 knew it shouldtake place eventually. Now that its happened, we appear closer and more pleased withevery other.

The couple sooner or later sends off the 3 MAMAMOO ladies and spends their first evening amongstone another in the pension house.

Seemingly restless, Eric Nam issues to the bed and says, This feels strange.

He and Solar lay down and needeach one other a fair night, yet Eric Nam unearths ITtrickyto cross to sleep and turns to lay facing her.

He later expresses his mind close to their first night together and says, It felt bizarre to be mendacity next to every other. I couldnt sleep. I used to beexcited about how it turned into like we were a couple and this was actually our married life.

Meanwhile, Solar shares, I may just feel his gaze. I was embarrassed so I just kept facing forward.

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