Webtoon Dream Solid for Imitation!

Webtoon Dream Solid for Imitation!

It is correct that webtoons are a go-to source of inspiration for Korean dramas. Maximum recently, MBC expressed pastime in growing a new Television drama according to Hee-Jung Park's Cat and Dog.

And Imitation, a webtoon about K-pop idols, may justwithout problems existthe following inspiration for a movie or a drama series, yet who would be casted as its actors and actresses? Here are a couple of casting conceptsthat might be perfect!

Official Imitation introduction:

"Maha is a member of the ladyteam Tea Party. She wasnotedby way of imitating other popular stars and for this very reason, Ryoc, a member of the boy band SHAX, holds a sturdy hatred against her. However, as they continue to cross paths, his emotionstoward Maha start toexchange and their courting develops into an swiftlycandy romance that they should now hide from everybody around them".

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She is the young primary protagonist of Imitation. With her wispy bangs, medium-length brown hair, and doe-like eyes, Maha Lee is portrayed as an blameless and clueless ladyfinding out her tacticsround the brutal entertainment industry.

Suzy is the epitome of innocence. Just glance at her face and tell me it does not remind you of Maha and her nave outlook on her life.

I know that she isn't a 20-year old girl community idol and as a substitute a veteran actress, but Song Hye-kyo's blank, clueless appearance perfectly captures Maha's naivety. Even her hair tastefits Maha's.

He is the unstated leader of the older idol organization SHAX, and it has change into his nature to act bloodless and indifferent (at first). Those k-pop idols would painting this persona well.

T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) from Giant Bang

His pointed facial capabilities and black hair would make him a superhave compatibility for Ryoc. He may smartly beanyone who acts cold and uncaring towards others and by accident scares someone at first, yet have the most loving nature.

Song Dong-woon from Beast

Song Dong-woon also has sharp facial features, and his black monochromatic outfit is an precisecopy of Ryoc's outfits. He would pull off the fierce character of Ryoc, as the serious and intimidating yet loving and being concerned man.

Always satisfied and protective of Maha, Yujin is a member of the idol-group Sparkling. He has been the largest supporter of Maha. Despite the reality that Maha best considers Yujin as her friend, he aspires to be more. His blond hair is his trademark look, and it adds to his youthful, cheery attitude.

Just study how pleased this blond boy is! He will be alongside Maha this fast and be smiling and guffawing at her quirky comments. His blond hair makes him look even happier.

This pink-haired member of SHAX, who gets made amusing for his height and girl-like traits, is friendlier and more uncomplicated to get at the facet of than Ryok. He warms up to Maha and in the long runthe number one supporter of Ryoc going after Maha.

His younger stare could effortlessly be Hyuk's. His crimson hair adds to his charm and is helping him look more approachable.

His pink hair and boyish facial features capture the essence of Hyuk. He provides off a sweet vibe and turns out like someone who is simple to get along with.

One of Maha's top friends, Hyun-Ji could also be a Tea Birthday celebration member, but she is more timid with her feelings and emotions. Even although she has a overwhelm on Yujin, she doesn't cross afterward him because she doesn't wish to interfere in Yujin's crush on Maha. Her long black hair and long frame are a a section of her signature look.

Her long black hair, best body, and her sweet smile remind us of Hyun-Ji's signature traits. We would not be stunned if Seolhyun makes a decision to assist her most efficient friend's romantic lifestyles despite her private feelings.

Ria is some other member of Tea Party, but her personality is a pointy contrast from Hyun-Ji's and Maha's. She is bold, straight-to-the-point, and no longer afraid to talk her brain openly. She is regularly the voice of reason, and her pink-red hair adds to her fiery character.

Her bright pink hair colour and sharp beneficial properties would make her a excellent Ria. Just look at how intense her gaze is. Jia, Ria? Even their names are so similar. It isintended to be.

So who would be your dream cast??

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