2AM Jinwoon Becomes “King” of Twitter with His Hilarious Responses To Fan Tweets

2AM Jinwoon Becomes “King” of Twitter with His Hilarious Responses To Fan Tweets

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJung Jinwoon is having enthusiasts in a are compatible of laughter with his random yet witty responses he leaves on Twitter as he answers to random tweets.

The 2AM member and previous JYP Entertainment artist is well known among fans for randomly looking up his own call on Twitter and answering random things he revealsall through his searches. A fan has compiled a couple of responses from the artist in an internetnetwork board, striking fans in a fit of giggles as they read.

In one fan tweet, she tells her fans that her mom had stated, My mother onlyacknowledged anehandiest know Jung Jinwoon from EXO.. you seriously are trending those days, and during his random seek of his own name, the 2AM member spoke back with, Yay, I just was a member of EXO.

cb7529eec08a44a6f5a90b3e8d1ae1da Image: Fan on Twitter  My mom just said I only know Jung Jinwoon from EXO..you seriously are trending these days.

98e82a91bbb1e1128d332e8e099df490 Image: Jung Jinwoons tweet  Yay, I just have become EXO.

In every otherdiscovered fan tweet, this fan asks whether he was once in 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1. In response, Jinwoon writes, 2wice TWICE. 2weet searching shy shy shy.

And when some other Twitter user asks who Jung Jinwoon is, he wittingly replies with a quick biography that describes his accomplishment in his profession equallyeither a singer and actor.

Read on for the remainder tweets!

b20ebc1e05e8765feb24c9dd324aa2d3 Image: Fans Tweet Jung Jinwoon is trending these days, was he from 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1.

Jung Jinwoon 2weet searching shy shy shy

Fan Celebrities shouldnt make a laugh of stupid non-celebrities

a118475a9feafbd98ed50a76a628219b Image: Fan on Twitter Who is Jung Jinwoon?

Jung Jinwoon He was born on Would possibly 2, 1991 and debuted in 2008 with 2AM. In 2016, he became the dancing-god king of dancing and made history in the sector of dance. Currently, he is operating in sort shows, dramas, and music. He's currently selling as a solo artist and is lonely.

Fan Sorry.Im no longeraccustomed to celebrities Ah, Im embarrassed, Im sorry.

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