Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Co-Star Showed From National Audition

Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Co-Star Showed From National Audition

Joo Wons My Sassy Lady Co-Star Showed From National AuditionJiwonYu June 24, 2016 0 Joo Wons My Sassy Girl Co-Star Confirmed From Nationwide Audition The fortunate girl who can begambling Joo Wons love hobby in the drama My Sassy Girl has been chosen.

On June 24, it used to be announced that the lady who were given the role of being the sassy girl is Kim Joo Hyun.

The drama edition of My Sassy Girl deals with a equivalent storyline as the noted movie. It's far about a guy named Gun Woo who starts a troublesome yet romantic courting alongside a feisty girl. This pre-recorded drama is planned to air originally of 2017 and may also broadcast in China and Japan.

The feminine lead, Kim Joo Hyun, become picked out of a general of 1,800 folks that auditioned for the role. This audition was special since the votes were up to the public. Her wonderful acting and excellent looks captured the judges attention correct from the start. She finished missions that were given to her flawlessly and made the public love her, which in the end earned her the spot as the female lead.

Producer Oh Jin Suk, who created Yong Pal, will be accountable for My Sassy Girl and should existoperating with Joo Won again. Since their outdatedpaintings was so successful, many fanatics are expecting that this drama will be good, too.

My Sassy Girl will get started filming in August.

Are you excited for this drama?

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