What Will Take place To The Liked Bromance In Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim

What Will Take place To The Liked Bromance In Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim

What Will Take place To The Loved Bromance In “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim?”notclaira June 24, 2016 0 What Will Happen To The Beloved Bromance In “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim?” A crack has began to appear in the bromance between Namgoong Min and On Joo Wan in the drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.”

SpoilersIn the June 19 episode of the SBS drama, Kong Shim (Minah) confessed to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgoong Min) whilst rejecting Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan)’s confession. However, Ahn Dan Tae rejected her confession as well, a scene which Suk Joon Soo witnessed.

The two of them are now keeping a secret from one every otheryetshouldremainenthusiastic about their ongoing case. Dan Tae has discovered a badge that he says belongs to the kidnapper, but Joon Soo suspects his uncle is the landlord of the badge. However, he helps to keepthose suspicions to himself.

In the end, Joon Soo comes to a decisionto visit the trap that Dan Tae had installto discover the kidnappers and as an alternative witnesses his mom at the scene. Shocked, he steps on a tree branch and Dan Tae will also beobserved hearing the sound sooner than the scene ends on a cliffhanger.

A representative of the drama stated, “Joon Soo and Dan Tae’s tale is stepping into the nail-biting 2d half. Joon Soo will need tomake a selection between his family, after witnessing his mother when he expected his uncle, and Dan Tae will have to make a decision where his investigation is going to go.”

Watch the newest episode below!

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