BIGBANG’s Craziest, Maximum Memorable Hairstyles Over The Years

BIGBANG’s Craziest, Maximum Memorable Hairstyles Over The Years

BIGBANGs Craziest, Maximum Memorable Hairstyles Over The Yearsshellbellz June 24, 2016 0 BIGBANGs Craziest, Most Memorable Hairstyles Over The Years BIGBANG has been known to have one of the craziest hairstyles we can bein a position to imagine. Some we adore and others leaving us scratching our heads. Here are a host of hairstyles from the entireparticipants of the group.

G-DRAGONKnown to have the craziest hairstyles out of all crew members. Hes a way icon and is at all times willing to step out of his convenience zone to test outanything new.

This perm strikes a chord in my memory of a grandmas hairstyle.

This in factturns out like an individual alongside two faces. One of a woman, the opposite of a man. He looks such a lothigher without the bangs.

This! THIS! Im now not alsocertain if there is any person who loves this coiffureyetI'm in point of fact not loving it one bit. Im not too yeswhat type ofglancehe's going for here but it looks precisely like Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. Im literally striking my hands over his hair in order that 1 dont see that mess and handiest his beautiful face.

I in my opinion love pink. Its my all-time favourite color. This isnt the worst appearance on him but it isnt the best. But hey, you know what they say, Genuine men wear pink.

Is it me or does this hairstyle remind you of spaghetti? or cheesestrings? or playdoh? Either way, its making me hungry.

Does anybody else watch the Simpsons? Here is a reflectmirrored image of Sideshow Bob, except the eyeliner.

So pretty!  So angelic! Much like My Little Pony. My favorite colours all in one hairstyle.

TAEYANGThe one with the glossy voice like an RB singer. Even though not up to his fellow member GD, here are a couple of of his most iconic looks.

I constantly wonder how much hairspray is wanted for something like this. He looks exactly like the ones ancient greek warriors back in the day.

This is the primary time Ive ever noticed a hairstyle like this.  Its other and funky. Shall we just hope it isnt painful like a scorpion because thats all I see.

Old college Taeyang! Hes so adorable here. Having a look then young and innocent!

My least favorite hairstyle from him. Its as though binoculars were put onheight of his head. I dont noticethe idea that of this. Does anyone?

Another one Im not utterly fond of. Its practically like the former one but a little more settled, which is better. The bling bling is doing it though.

T.O.PThis guy looks just right in each and every hairstyle he has ever had.  He knows exactly what looks wonderful on him and isnt afraid to turn information technology to the world.

topIsnt he fullysmartsearching or what?  Blonde looks so amazing on him.

Ugh.  He even looks so perfect with teal hair.  The entire lot looks effortless on him.

The more youthful T.O.P. The boy next door. Still sensible looking. I cant say anything else bad about this man.

DAESUNGThe comic of the group.  Hes like a burst of sunshine.  He doesnt have as many memorable hairstyles as others. It type of feels hes always stuck to one hairstyle, and it works for him. 

Also stuck the grandma virus from GD, but the perm makes his face that much happier. He looks so adorable here.daesung2

Green makes him seem likea whollyvarious person. This is the most excessive hairstyle Ive ever visible him in; it doesnt even seem like him.daesung3

Those bangs!  Ive currentlyviewed him in his MADE concert where he asked DO You want to haveTo look MY EYES? since his bangs were covering them. I couldnt forestallgiggling equally he published those fairly eyes of his whilst flashing hearts at us. I wont divulge that video, as Im just laughing hysterically.

SEUNGRIThe maknae of the group!  He always kids around and plays jokes on his members.  I couldnt recall to mind any loopy hairstyles from him.  But heres one just so we can see his lovely face!

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