Drama Review Reflect of the Witch' Episode 13

Drama Review Reflect of the Witch' Episode 13

A tussel over the jar containing the spirit of Yeon-hee's departed brother defines the majorstruggle this this around, making it reasonablysimple to staymusic of the story. Yet strictly talkingthe solepersonality amongst any specificreason why to care about what occurs to the jar is Queen Dowager Sim. Hong-joo best cares because she can use the jar as emotional leverage opposed to Queen Dowager Sim, and everybody else only cares because they are ready to purpose the jar to damage Hong-joo's grip on power.

Ever since Hong-joo's flashback final episode I have been having hassle squaring her movements with her motivation. If Hong-joo's majorgoal were to survive, then why are practically all of her activities practically tradition designed to antagonize tough people? From the very starting Hong-joo's resolution to kill Yeon-hee's brother and thieve his spirit appeared likea reasonably questionable one. That one action on her section is the single reason folkswere threatening to kill her such a lot lately.

Elsewhere, Jun manages to glossy over a huge number ofissues and assist Yeon-hee out most commonlythroughno longer being an fool and in reality telling possible allies what istaking placein its place of keeping secrets for no excellent reason. That isat all times the qualifier I appear to finally finish up with when it comes to"Mirror of the Witch"- nogoodreason. There are almost continuouslyreasonablyobviouslyexplained reasons for why positive characters act the style that they do, it is just that those reasons cause them toglancelovely dumb, since they have been making the similar mistakes during the drama's whole run.

Advertisement It betotally counter-intuitive, for example, that Jun is Yeon-hee's absolute bestbest friend when he has by some distance the least wisdomregardingthe entire dark wizardy about which the plot revolves. But all people else is too blinded by sentiment to even recognizebeyond mistakes, let by myselfright kind and be informed from them. This sentiment is the simplest reason Hong-joo has been at all effective, as itwe could her are expecting everyone else's actions.

...Put like that I wagerthat really sounds like a beautifulsensible theme. But"Mirror of the Witch"continues to irritate me on minor inconsistencies too. Jun is improbably nice at struggling with here taking into consideration that up till now he used to be mediocre at best. But hey, a minimum of the costumes are nice. Yeon-hee's princess suit looks great. Oh, and a lastnote of warning- do not watch the preview. So far asI will tell it supplies away eachunmarried plot twist of the following episode.