TRENDING Most sensible 10 ‘boyfriend shots’ of male idols

TRENDING Most sensible 10 ‘boyfriend shots’ of male idols

21kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Netizens talk aboutphotographs of idols on their SNS with boyfriend looks.

Nam chin jjal in Korea literally method boyfriend shot. It suggests thatthe imagesaren't professionally shot nor are the idols dressed inlevel outfits, make up or in special places. Netizens and loversaccumulatethosefootage because it roughly feelsas though they are like a typical boyfriend in the photo.

Originally posted on Pann, fans and netizens talkthe pinnacle 10 boyfriend shots.

Titled My Non-publicMost sensible 10 Male Idol Boyfriend Shots, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I am a fan who for my part loves collecting idols, items and actors boyfriend shots hahahaha

Here is my height 10 list in my opinion

Theyre no longer ranked so asyet simply randomly!

Lets have a look at them in combination and experience them~

Oh this guy Yoon Doo Joon, who isn't just popular amongwomen but guys!

I in reality think he has the boyfriend glance in this picture. I actuallylove it T_T

I actually like this shot alot T_T_T_T_T_T Onew got here out so lovable in this..

He really looks as if a boyfriend this is paying close attention to his telephone hahaha I heard theyre coming circular again soon fighting!

Mr Lim Hyun Sik T_T My first favourite out of BTOB individuals T_T whew..

His eye smiles are best possible and I am hoping he gets more popular. Every other addition of boyfriend shots!

He could also benoted for his boyfriend shots T_T! His selfies are really my style, I like them.. T_T

I hope my biases learn the way to take selfies from him as neatly T_T

Wow.. freaking handsome.. I used to bebearing in mind L.Joe and him but I chose him!

This is this sort of handsome-like boyfriend shot

This photo came out so well T_T_T_T I believe information technologysuits my non-publicflavor in boyfriend shots yes yes.

I really love it that he already seems like a doggy but is taking an image alongside a puppy.

Mr. Choco..3 His appearance makes me apprehensive aye yes and his dimples are so lovely T_T

A boyfriend that is worked up because he's on a plane.. this sort of feel? hahahaahahahahaha I am prepared on it alot anyways

This is such a beautiful shot. He really turns out like a boyfriend, my boyfriend hahahahahahhahah sorry

He comes out really fairly when he is taking selfies to boot T_T

Most of the time, I really like every of his boyfriend shots so much T_T_T_T

He is my genuine boyfriend. He is such a cutie prankster T_T

Mr. Gongchan T_T_T_T This appears like a pictorial really T_T_T_T (wears fan lens )

His temper is awesome and appears like a style T_T I love this T_T_T_T

These are my ownreviews then please chorus from leaving comments to mention haveany person out and put someone in!

And please so I will collect, spread more boyfriend shots hahahahaha

278 / -115 Jimin too.. seems like he works at a cafe..

215 / -51 Thank you for bringing up V!

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