7 Times Managers Were Abusive In opposition to Fans

7 Times Managers Were Abusive In opposition to Fans

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We all love our idols and would like to just run into their palms and hug them. However, get too touchy and a few managers will react very negatively. Here are 7 times managers were abusive against fans.

7 Times Managers Were Abusive to FansVia Koreaboo

CNBLUE (2010)By Koreaboo

During rehearsals for Song Bank, CNBLUE enthusiasts swarmed round the van, combating the contributors from getting out. When the door in the end opened, a fan pulled on Jonghyuns hoodie, causing the executiveto blow up and hit the fan. 

On April 29th, 2015, EXOs manager was once sued about 1 million won for injuring a fan. Whilst EXO changed into boarding the tripteach after their functionality in China, their manager had hit a fan, causing their head to hit the camera he/she was holding. 

SHINee (2009)By Koreaboo

Already known by many, back in 2009 SHINees manager had hit a fan at the back of the top so demanding that she fell over. You'll be ready to see the appearance on Taemin and Minhos faces as they stared in surprise.

Red Velvet (2015)By Koreaboo

Red Velvets manager was noticed angrily cursing at fans to forestallspeaking to the idols as they made their way toward the van. His voice can also be heard getting louder and louder as time passes.

When TVXQ was entering the airport, fans started swarming towards the group. One fan who was running, was driven by the manager and fell down while other fans ran beyond her. 

Yet again, EXOs manager was visible striking a fan at the airport. While the fan attempted to snap a photo of the idols, the manager had smacked her on the forehead, causing her glasses to fall off.

Girls Generation (2010)By Koreaboo

Also going on during the year of SHINee and CNBLUEs managers issues, Ladies Generations manager had also develop intocompetitive towards fans. When Women Generation attended a football tournament as teenagers, fans crowded around the girls to take photos. The manager stepped out and grabbed the fans telephone and smashed it into the ground, causing the telephoneto damage apart. Thankfully, the fan was no longer injured during this event.

No topic how time and again fans fall down, idols are at all times worried for their fans. Just as the fans sacrifice such a lot to beef up their idols, the idols are having a look to give back as much in return.

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