Fans Freak Out Over Photo Of A Yoona LOOK-ALIKE In A Swimsuit

Fans Freak Out Over Photo Of A Yoona LOOK-ALIKE In A Swimsuit

19kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Girls Generation member Yoona is understood for having ideal facial proportions and amazingly thin body, so enthusiasts were surprised when they believed they had came upon what gave the glance to be the SM Entertainment singer in a swimsuit.

The photo, which resembles the Yoona in the beginning glance, featured a ladydressed in a suitwhilst taking a completeframe photo with her phone. And even supposing the girls telephone obscured much of her face in the photo, theres undoubtedly about resemblance between the lady in the photo and the Ladies Generation member.

Upon some investigation, however, netizens found that the photo was onceif reality exist toldnow not of Yoona, yet of popular AfreecaTV BJ Choi Somi. The AfreecaTV BJ wona wide following after her Wiggle Wiggle dance video went viral online, and is legendary for her amazing figure. As a result of her huge fan base and plethora of full-body selcas online, it didnt take long for netizens to gain that the lady in the imagebecame not Yoona, but Choi Somi.

Check out this video of Choi Somi dancing to Jason Derulos Wiggle

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