With or without bangs, still beautiful

With or without bangs, still beautiful

Park Shin-hye, Lee Seong-kyeong and Choi Seol-ri have anything in not unusual and this is that they make others would like to go bangs too.

Getting short hair or letting the hair grow in addition getting bangs or no longer is an complete lifeworry for women. It isn'tsimple to get bangs as once it is cut, it takes decades to grow it back out.

Lee Seong-kyeong cut hers in a see-through taste and she seems likea tender girl. Park Shin-hye replaced her appearance with bangs for her persona in "Doctors". Choi Seol-ri who give up f(x) looks lovable in her bangs.

Lee Seong-kyeong, like a little woman

See-through bangs are light. When she did not have bangs, Lee Seong-kyeong gave the impact of a mysterious character yet now she looks cute. Her bangs fall just above her eyebrows.

Do it like Park Shin-hye if you want to have feminism and a young glance

Park Shin-hye cut her bangs for the SBS drama "Doctors". Park Shin-hye cut hers mild as well so it does not cramp her style. She looks cute when the bangs are down in a immediately line but if she has them to the side, she looks feminine.

Choi Seol-ri, cute in choppy bangs

Choi Seol-ri posted photographs of her and her new hair on SNS. Choppy bangs makes one appearance naughty and is expected to be the 'it' trend this summer. It looks larger on circularfashioned faces.

However, choppy bangs want caution as it's going tolead to something you never idea of!