I.O.I Unit Staff  Showed For August Release

I.O.I Unit Staff Showed For August Release

I.O.I Unit WorkforceShowed For August Liberate ehk38 June 23, 2016 0 I.O.I Unit Organization Confirmed For August Release The seven-member unit group of I.O.I has been confirmed for an August release!

We felt the want to let the individuals who have worked so demanding to recover, I.O.Is controlfirm YMC Entertainment commented on June 24. We determined to release the recent song in August so asto take a position in practicing in order that nosotros can showcase a more polished song and members who are in excellent condition.

Consisting of Kim Doyeon, Kim Sohye, Kim Chungha, Lim Nayoung, Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, and Choi Yoojung, this unit group is slated to finish their promotions with the release of a 2d song soon after the release in August.

According to a rep, I.O.I is recently hard at paintingsgetting ready for their unit release, They are engrossed in classes and choreography practice. There is a huge number of time for them to relaxation in between practice. Because we dont have the 2major vocals, the members are hangingvarious effort into their making a songtrain equally well.

There will reportedly be every othercircular of promotions with a moment unit group and then a last promotion with all 11 members of I.O.I. YMC Entertainment has prior to nowmentionedthat each and every one promotions could be wrapped up by way of January 2017.

I.O.I debuted as an 11-member transient group on Mightfour alongside Dream Women and finished their promotions in early June.

Are you taking a lookahead to this unit teams release?

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