Netizens Speak about About The hot Photo Of Minzy And Park Jae Bom!

Netizens Talk about About The new Photo Of Minzy And Park Jae Bom! Jun 23, 2016 06:32

1269 -46 I am hoping they do well. Even supposing Minzy were given out of YG, I still observe her696 -66 Our Minzy got such a lot prettier???590 -31 Once you didn’t write Gong Minzy, I don’t think I could beready to yetadmire her472 -52 Park Jaebum~~ahhh! I hope Gong Minzy does neatly too!!!577 -136 Why can’t you simplyforestall getting tattoos157 -10 Either one of them are trulyjust right at dancing Comparable Videosminzy,Park Jaebeom Facebook Twitter Google