Ha Jeong-woo issues out

Ha Jeong-woo issues out "The trouble is master and student"

Did fellow actors know? Ha Jeong-woo had statedanything that implied Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo's irrelevant relationship.

He seemed in the SBS Televisiondisplay "Movie World" at the 7th remaining month to advertise the movie "The Handmaiden". He discussed his role in the movie and said, "My personality plots on how to going into Hideko's (Kim Min-hee) space and taking her money. So he changed into an art instructorto cross into her house".

"The troubleat all timeshappens between master and student". He added, "The Handmaiden" shouldn't beconsistentlyblameless and lonely". Kim Min-hee was once next to him when he said that.

Some say that Ha Jeong-woo may accept known about Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo.

Kim and Hong met for the movie "Right Now, Wrong Then" and fell into an affair. They also visited the Cannes ForeignMovie Festival together. They made a new movie whilst they were there.

Both facetshave not said anything else just about the scandal yet. Kim Min-hee has left her oldfirm and is operatingby myself with her manager while keeping off the press. Hong Sang-soo also has his mobile phonegrew to become off and is not replying to anything. Rumors have it that they're both overseas.