Baek Yerins Candy Confession Is Told In BYE BYE MY BLUE!

Baek Yerins Candy Confession Is Told In BYE BYE MY BLUE!

15'sBaekYerinis back with a candy and a mellow song titled 'Bye Bye My Blue.'

A middle of a ladywho isrepeatedly in love, on the alternative handat all timesmaintaining back onto the various unexpressed emotions is confessed superbly byYerin. Even if there are hurtful memories, short of to be the easier one to conveniencethe only she loves, her heart that is goingfrom facet to side on her feelings in opposition to the one she longs for wonderfully expressed in the song.

She has such so much of things that she wantsto say, yet she pushes him away because she's afraid of what'sin reality to be said. She wantsto listen all the ones things which might be said, but she holds back because she does notwould like to exist tempted by ability of her desires. For surehere is the prestige of many of ourhearts.

AdvertisementSay bye bye to blues withYerinand hangthe affection you long for with larger arms. Let us know your confession about this song in the comments below.

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