TEEN TOPs Changjo Releases Two Solo Songs!

TEEN TOPs Changjo Releases Two Solo Songs!

TEEN TOP'sChangjohad been teasing us so much about his composed song and now he has in spite of everything released no longer one, yet twosongs!

On June 16th, he dropped his first song 'Tonight.' The song is composed, produced, and organized byChangjo. The RB soul tune coveys the message of asking his fanaticsto stick with him all of the way. Give it a pay attention below:

AdvertisementOn June 18th, he released a drum remix of a song he had already released, 'Pray'. This new edition of 'Pray' is wayquicker and we could beready to take heed the drums clearly. The music video displays the procedure in which the song was once created. Test IT out:

It's amazing to peerthis sort of talented artist showcasing his abilities. What did you watched ofChangjo's self composed songs? Do you suspect he will have tounlock a complete solo album?

If you need to haveto hear more of his songs, you'll be able to check his officialSoundcloudaccounthere. Be certain to like and or repost them to strengthen his work!

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