Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

The shockwave of Park Yoo-chun's scandal will now not be going anyplace anytime soon. The non-stop lawsuit is the controversy of the town. Without reference to being responsible or not, the ladies who claim they were raped by way of Park Yoo-chun are tainting his image. Whilstthe locationdoes notappear to wish to die down, all varieties of tabloids are rampant and comparable reports are being produced.

The police investigation on Park Yoo-chun's fees for rape has begun. Park claims he isn't guilty yetit is too soon to make any judgments. However, media has made its own judgment and is having a box day. The individualwithout delayconcerned and the public looking at all this are suffering. It is justcommonplace that attention is involved ina world star's hidden side. Rumors have it that other celebrities are fearful because it mighttake place to them as well.

Those who are conversant in the entertainment global tell the time has come at last, in isolation with the fact some Park. It sounds as if Park isn't the just one who will have to exist worried. Many celebrities in truthrevel in going to bars despite the reality that the more noted stars are very careful about it. At the other hand, the more famous any individual is, the more tension he gets and he doesn't have some way out so he turns to nightlife.

It's strictly common for a grown famous person paying his own cash to drink at a superblyfelony bar. As a public figure, one can not beverage out in open puts alongside normal people. So, if he can come up with the money for it, a celebrity would drink pricey alcohol in a personal room. The a very powerful bespeak is how he 'enjoys' his time there.

The symbol of a celebrity from a fan or public point of view may also be very other from genuine life. A just righttaking a look and great natured megastarmayin point of fact be scandalous. A 'goodie smart shoes' star who donates heapsof cash to lend a handdeficientother peopleyearly dismissreally be dotted with every kind of corruption. In addition, even bars shall beutterlyalternative from what they say it's farvia tabloids. It is a hugger-mugger rumor that some stars spend millions in an evening at locations like this.

So they are anxious. The maximumsmartly liked stars in this country are nervous that their secret nightlife may come to surface. Several entertainment resources accept told News N that, "So and so is being very careful", "So and so can't sleep at eveningbeing concerned that his habitcould be up on the table next" and a few entertainment corporations own banned their 'kings of the night' from going out to drink at night.

A source said, "Of direction the scenariois extremely serious but we are worried that Park's scandal could inflict a negative influence on the entertainment industry itself. It isn't a lie but it is notcorrect for other celebrities to have their secret lives printed and misunderstood".

This article dates back to June, 17