Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong has to rescue son kidnapped

Spoiler 'Wanted' Kim Ah-joong has to rescue son kidnapped

'SBS drama, "Wanted" aired its first episode at 10 PM on June 22. At the day Jeong Hyein (Kim Ah-joong) announced her retirement all of sudden, her son Hyeonwoo was once kidnapped.

After her son told her that he turned into going outdoor to play some of the staffers on the filming set, he disappeared without any trace. Whilst Jeong Hyein was looking around to discover her son, she gained a message saying, "If you record to police, Hyeonwoo will die appropriate away".

Jeong Hyein was stunnedto look Hyeonwoo tied with a rope crying In the hooked up video. As she was searching for a police station, she acquiredany other threatening message as though she were monitored.

Jeong Hyein went to back her space without reporting as ordered through the kidnapper. When she nearly arrived at her house, a unusuallady was putting a kit in front of her house. Even supposing Jeong Hyein ran after her, she mayno longer catch up. The package left there has been shocking. The script in the package integratedeach and every footstep of her day when Jeong Hyein announced her retirement after making the trickyresolution and returned to the filming set and spent her time with her son.

The kidnapper sent her some other message saying, "Produce a are livingfactdisplay hosted by Jeong Hyein. When youwhole all of the 10 episodes at 10 PM each day, I'm going togo back Hyeonwoo alive back to you safely. Air the primary episode on Saturday two days later. Otherwise, Hyeonwoo dies. If the viewership score drops beneath 20%, Hyeonwoo gets hurt".

Jeong Hyein rushed to PD Sin Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) next morning after she spent the sleepless painful night. She knelt in front of him asking him to provide the live prove equally ordered by the kidnapper. She stated she would do anything. Sin Dong-wook was persuaded by her tearful and desperate plea.

Jeong Hyein and Sin Dong-wook greed to produce the live show after all. However, the difficulty was Song Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon), who was Jeong Hyein's ex-husband, the present CEO of the broadcasting corporate UCN. He bestmentioned the benefitwhich might befabricated from the show and allowed an airtime that couldare compatible his calculation of the conceivable revenue.

Jeong Hyein, who was getting worried that she mayfinally finish upwasting her son, seemed in a communicate bear witness alongside the best possible viewership ranking and printedthroughout the show, "On the day I announced my retirement, my son was kidnapped".