Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Pretend JiwonYu June 22, 2016 0 Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake A couple of days after the inside of track of Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair used to be reported, the magazine Ladies Sense shared an alleged text message communication between Kim Min Hees mother and Hong Sang Soos wife.

However, Hong Sang Soos circle of relatives is claiming that this conversation did now not happen, and that the posted messages are fake.

On June 22, Hong Sang Soos household stated, Hong Sang Soos wife sat down for an off-the-record assembly alongsidea mag reporter back in April where the wife onlymentioned her feelings. Now that mag has released that data acting adore itbecame an exclusive interview, even adding fake text messages that were never supplied to the magazine.

On the morning of June 22, a per month magazine published a piece of writing claiming that it had an exclusive interview. However, the ideas in the object was published without Hong Sang Soos wifes consent and is reportedly not the truth.

Regarding the conversation between Hong Sang Soos wife and Kim Min Hees mother, Hong Sang Soos representatives stated, Why would Hong Sang Soos wife supplythe ones messages if that meeting with the magazine was meant to be off-the-record?

During the true meeting in April, Hong Sang Soos wife did mention anything about having talked with Kim Min Hees mother. However, she didn't provide exact text messages like the magazine claims, which means that the magazine has created a faux conversation just to arouse things even more.

Hong Sang Soos kin apologized, saying, We are sorry for this controversy. We know that this isnt only one persons fault. We made certainlimitless times that the meeting with the magazine reporter was off-the-record, yet IT wasnt so. Not best did the magazine not stay its promise of creating it off-the-record, but it has spread false rumors viagrowing fake text messages. We contacted the magazine firmsoliciting for correction, but it only took down the conversation screenshot and has done not anything more. It's far eventideaverting our calls now. We are making plans to record a petition with the click Arbitration Commission about this.

Hong Sang Soos family has only met up with news outlet Dispatch so far, and has not been interviewed by any other news resources yet. Regardless of this, many news shops are publishing articles claiming they had an exclusive interview with the family.

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