miss A’s Fei To Make Solo Debut

miss A’s Fei To Make Solo Debut

miss As Fei To Make Solo Debutkokoberry June 21, 2016 0 miss As Fei To Make Solo Debut omit every bit Fei could be making her solo debut!

On June 22, JYP Entertainment showed to news retailers that Fei will be liberating a solo tunesomeday this summer and is latelymaking ready for it.

A representative stated, The correct date for the track unencumber has now not been determined yet. After organizing more explicit plans, she canget started solo activities.

Last May, former miss A member Jias contract with JYP Entertainment expired. Since she failed to renew her contract, miss A is now created from3 members. Jia has since joined a new agency.

As for the long term activities of contributors Suzy and Min, the representative commented, There are not anyexpressselectionsthat experience been made. We will be in a position toget ready for for various possibilties addingselling as a solo singer and actor.

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