Kim Min-hee's fanatics turn their backs

Kim Min-hee's fanatics turn their backs

Kim Min-hee's fanatics have became their backs on her.

The Kim Min-hee DC Within Gallery which will also beacknowledged to be the assembling point of her fans, released their commentaryrelating to Kim Min-hee and director Hong Sang-soo at the 21st.

The fans said, "We will prevent all activities. Extra announcements could be made concerning refunds and other problems when the gallery is in a lull state. We are hoping for everyone's patience".

Kim Min-hee has been living the 2d oneheight of her profession ever because theunencumber of "The Handmaiden".

People fell for Kim Min-hee for her functionality in the film and her fandom increased.

Kim Min-hee was once showered with gifts from her fans even in public appearances and she shall beobserved smiling so fortunatelyas though she has the completeglobal in her hands. Fans who stood along her way in the streets did their easiest to make her glancelovely in their pictures.

Fans were even negotiating time and pieces to bring supportive goods to Kim Min-hee. However, her scandal broke out earlier thanthey maydo this and all activities stopped.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo met for the motion picture "Right Now, Wrong Then" and two more videos after that.