Hyosung, "The media needs stimulative and surprising things"

Hyosung printed her mind about the truth of media those days.

Hyosung used to be at the premiere of the hot SBS drama "Wanted" with Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo, Eom Tae-woong, Park Hae-joon, Lee Moon-sik and Lee Seung-joon.

Hyosung turned into asked if she would be readyto head on a factTelevisiondisplay if her kid was abducted for real. She said, "I do notconsiderthat isimaginableyet media nowadaysneedsanything more simulative and stunning things so I suspectsomebody would be capable of do it".

Hyosung takes at the office of Park Bo-yeon, a director who hasn't been able to get into ground-wave yet. "I have a huge number ofproblems about creating a TV show. Perhaps that's why I have been selected for this role. I am hoping the target audience gets the message".