Hong Sang-soo,

Hong Sang-soo, "Couldn't pay daughter's expenses, helped Kim Min-hee"

It has been brought to attention that director Hong Sang-soo ceased supporting his daughter who used to bereadingin a foreign country to financially give a spice up to Kim Min-hee.

Woman Sense reported this in line with Hong's wife, Jo's statement.

Apparently, Hong one day acknowledged that he could notassist his daughter in learning overseas.

Jo said, "He said this because rumors about his irrelevantdating alongside Kim Min-hee have led to her lose work, so he has to support her financially".

"In his diary, I read that regardless of how tired and exhausted he is, the instant he sees Kim Min-hee's face, it all is going away and he sounds likehe is in heaven. I felt like the bad one status in the mannerof 2those who love every other so much".

Meanwhile, a media reported at the 21st that Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo met in 2015 for the film "Right Now, Wrong Then" and feature been in this secret relationship for almost a year.

Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo have not said the restrelating to this so far.