Park Yoo-chun denies rumors,

Park Yoo-chun denies rumors, "Didn't pay any person 500 million won"

Actor and singer Park Yoo-chun hasn't ever paid 500 million won to Lee, the lady who first sued him for rape.

Park's key resources say, "It turns out that Lee sued Park for rape when she did not get the repayment she wanted. We have not paid her anything else yet". Lee claimed she was once raped in the toilet of a bar at the 10th around 5AM in the morning. Notebegan to spread that the agreement between the 2aspectswould possibly acceptnow notlong gonesmartly seeing that she sued him 6 days later. Lee then replaced her tale and cancelled the fees on Park which led to speculations that Park can have paid her a good settlement.

When speculations were given too far, C-JeS Entertainment counter sued Lee, her boyfriend and cousin for false accusations and threat. It claimed that Lee asked for 1 billion won in settlement and the firmattempted to acceptpart of that. Park didn't pay Lee anything yet".

There also had been speculations that Lee became represented by way of Hwang, a member of a Korean mob. Apparently, he manipulated the case by sending Lee ahead and tried to rip Park off his money.

The police say, "The countryis extremelyinquisitive aboutthis situation and rape, suing and cancelling, false accusations and threats are piled on most sensible of every other. Since Park is a public figure, we cancare for this investigation sincerely.

The police called in the president of C-JeS on the twentieth for investigations.