Who has Kim Min-hee dated sooner than director Hong Sang-soo

Who has Kim Min-hee dated sooner than director Hong Sang-soo

The entertainment industry is running wild because of rumors referring to Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo's affair. If this rumor is true, what has Hong Sang-soo done to thieve Kim Min-hee's heart, who is 22 years his junior.

Kim Min-hee's debuted during the KBS adolescence drama, 'School 2', 1999. Ahead of her debut as an actress, she worked as a model, gracing the covers of many famend magazines which etched her call onto the list of famous person trendsetters for girls everywhere.

Kim Min-hee's deficient performances as an actress had created much controversy. However, she solidified her stance as a major actress currentlythrutough work. Reviews just about her romantic life, in addition her work, have at all times been a well-likedsubject in the entertainment industry.

"I'm liberal when I date. I amfair alongside my emotions. I do now notattempt to hide them" stated Kim Min-hee all overthe clickingconvention for film 'Very Routine Couple', 2013.

Kim Min-hee has dated many noted stars publicly. Actor Lee Jeong-jae used to be her first public megastar relationship. Afterwards, Kim Min-hee showed her dating with Lee Jeong-jae in 2004. The 2 made public appearances together, exhibiting affection in opposition to one every other in public. At the time, Lee Jeong-jae turned into already a celebwhilst Kim Min-hee was simplyconsidered a popular teens star.

After dating for 3 years, they broke up. Kim Min-hee began dating fashion Lee Soo-hyeok in 2008. Lee Soo-hyeok is oftennoticed in dramas today, yet at the time Lee Soo-hyeok was nearly a anonymous actor. However, their dating drew much attention regardless of the prestige of Lee Soo-hyeok for the duration of the time. The couple's taste was spread by way of famous online fashion publications, solidifying the couple's popularity every bit industry fashion icons.

Her 3rd boyfriend, after she ended the two year relationship with Lee Soo-hyeok, was Jo In-Seong. Due to the circulating rumors concerning Jo In-Seong and Song Hye-kyo's relationship, who co-starred in 'That Winter, the Wind Blows', 2013, the confirmation of Kim Min-hee and Jo In-Seong's relationship was a hot issue. However, Kim Min-hee ended the only year and six month relationship in 2014.

And then some other year passed. Consistent with the file that got here out, she met Hong Sang-soo in the midst of 2015. Kim Min-hee has dated the largest stars in every industry at the peakin their respective careers. It's milessecureto mention Hong Sang-soo is also the maximum prominent movie director in fashionable Korean cinema.

Kim Min-hee once discussed that it was such a lotamusing when she filmed the primary take of Hong Sang-soo's "Right Now, Wrong Then". Later, she stated several times how thankful she was for Hong Sang-soo's considerateattention while filming. While Kim Min-hee has prior to now been dating publicly and comfortably, this time things won'tspread so pleasantly.

Hong Sang-soo is a married man! Hong Sang-soo's wife expressed her presentfeelings in a up to date interview with an entertainment news company. While his wife was facing the tough fourth dimension due to the rumors about the affair, Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were filming a new motion picture in February in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. Neither Kim Min-hee nor Hong Sang-soo have commented at the status of their relationship or the comments of Hong Sang-soo's wife. We are looking forward to an reputableremark from either the actress and/or the director.