International Fan Presentations His Love For Taeyang With Lovely Tattoo

International Fan Presentations His Love For Taeyang With Lovely Tattoo

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean fanatics have shown their amusement in opposition to an world Taeyang fan who has shown his love in public for the Korean artist.

Posting on his Twitter account, the overseas fan known equally Charles stocks a collage of Taeyang and himself that showed off his tattoo, he comments, My oppa for life. The tattoo reads Taeyang Oppa. Another tweet by way of the international fan presentations off his backside, writing, For my oppa. At all times and forever.

In response, many Korean fans have commented on how adorable his love for the preferred artist is, leaving posts such as, My oppa kekekekeke cute, Kekekekekekekekeke, Here is cute kekekeke, Beautiful boss kekekeke, and more.

Meanwhile, Taeyang is these days busy satisfying BIGBANG activities as the crowd celebrate their 10th year anniversary this year with a chain of fan assemblyall through China and recently finished the excursion in Japan. Additionally, the staff is expected to enlist in the army at separate times with member T.O.P rumored to be entering first ahead of the finish of 2016. The restparticipants of the neighborhoodmight be following particular person activities with G-Dragon and Taeyang acknowledged to be selling solo before enlisting in the army themselves making 2016 the overall year to look the organizationcarry out as a completetill the go back of all of the members.

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