Yoo Seung Ho Says He Was once  Shocked  By ability of EXO Member Xiumin’s Genuine Age

Yoo Seung Ho Says He Was once Shocked By ability of EXO Member Xiumin’s Genuine Age

Yoo Seung Ho Says He Used to beStunnedThrough EXO Member Xiumins Genuine historic period kminjungee June 21, 2016 0 Yoo Seung Ho Says He Was Surprised By EXO Member Xiumins Real Age All through a Kim Sun Dal media conventionhung on June 21, Yoo Seung Ho stocks his first impressions of fellow co-star EXOs Xiumin.

Kim Sun Dal is a historic heist movie about the legendary con guy Kim Sun Dal, who fools the king so as to sell off the ownerless Taedong River.

In the film, Yoo Seung Ho plays the notorious Kim Sun Dal, whilst EXOs Xiumin makes his giant screen debut as Gyun Yi, a wannabe con man who looks up to Kim Sun Dal like an older brother.

While his personality Kim Sun Dal is in truth older than Xiumins Gyun Yi, the actor is in point of factmore youthful than the idol member in real life.

Yoo Seung Ho says, When I first saw him, I presumed Xiumin was young than me in line with appearances alone. I learned he was really older than me by 3 years after looking online. I was definitely a little intimidated when we first met as a result of his sharp eyes. However, after filming in combination and speaking more with him, his eyes beganto appear more mischievous rather than sharp.

The actor also praises his co-star, explaining, AnythingI trulyloved is he actually felt like an older brother to me in real life. Hes lively and loves tocomic story around. He played the a section of Gyun Yi really smartly also. Since he would act lovableas though he was really younger, I believe like I used to bein a position to painting being the older yet one more easily.

Kim Sun Dal can be released in South Korean theaters on July 6.

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