BREAKING News document  unearths  telephone call communication between CJes and primary alleged victim

BREAKING News document unearths telephone call communication between CJes and primary alleged victim

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A up to date news file on SBS 8 News printed new insight to the case of JYJ Yoochuns alleged rape case involving the primarygirls to report the incident. 

Initial reports in this incident by skill of CJes Entertainment claimed that Lee, the 1stgirl who filed a report opposed to Yoochun claiming that she used to be raped, asked a agreementrateof one billion Won later decreasing it to 500 million Won. They claimed that this becamethe explanation that they were going to take felonymovements against her in spite ofthe reality that now she has withdrawn her legal suit against Park Yoo Chun.

However, SBS News lately reported that Lees facetsupplied evidence contradicting this commentary in the kind of recorded telephone conversations. They also claim that they did now notacquire any cash from CJes Entertainment.

The recorded voice provided by Lees side says, We dont know what we could bein a position to make to make you are feeling better, we have gotidea long and hard.

I think while you hand U.S. of A. an quantity first and we meet your wishes that will be thecorrect thing to do

An acquaintance of Lee also told SBS in an interview, They kept asking us to watch foran afternoonannouncing that they sought after to settle and asked us to give them a price

Lees boyfriend said that they won no such money stating, If we had settled we'd own left formsyet there is not anything like that

CJes however simplestspoke backannouncing that they would disclosethe entirety only to the police and not respond in my opinion to reports at the case.

The police have stated that they have got gotcarried out investigations on Lees boyfriend and CJes Entertainments CEO and that they are going to get to the ground of this settlement cost by having a look into their bank accounts and tracking the waft of money.

The voice records and report may also bediscovered in the source below.

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