CLC Finds  Respectable Fan Club Name

CLC Finds Respectable Fan Club Name

CLC UnearthsProfessional Fan Club Call kokoberry June 20, 2016 0 CLC Displays Official Fan Club Name After asking lovers to lend a handin finding a fan club name, CLC has announced their official fan club name!

CLC fans can now call themselves Cheshire. It turns out that as although the name used to beencouragedby way of the teams cat logo. Cheshire Cat is a fictional persona from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland. He is known for his distinct mischievous grin.

They even made a new logo for Cheshire! The fan club logo looks very very equivalent to CLCs logo. The only differences are the colours as the common logo is red and the fan club one is purple. Furthermore, the fan club logo comprises yellow eyes similar to Cheshire Cat.

What are your mind on CLCs fan club name?

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