Young and attractive Yoo Seung-ho's

Young and attractive Yoo Seung-ho's "Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River"

"Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River" is being released on June 21st. Yoo Seung-ho comes back with comedy on his back.

"Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River" is the tale of Kim Seon-dal, a conman who sold the river by way of fooling even the king.

In the fantasy of Kim Seon-dal, this pupil from Pyeongyang in the past due Joseon times could notreach his dream of being in the public place of workbecause of the prestige system. Then he fools toughgovernment and richtraders alongside his wit and tricks. One of the crucialhottestreports about him is promoting the water in River Daedong.

The film "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" brings back this mythical conman and retells the tale of his conman life. Director Park Dae-min adds fashionableflavor to the motion picture and makes Kim Seon-dal glance sexier.

Yoo Seung-ho takes at the part of the legendary conman. He enjoys taking dangers and is goingviaissues of his genius brain.

Yoo Seung-ho used to be took a posh to the audacity and composure of the nature and is going to go throughmore than a few transformations; a king, a monk or even a beauty. He said, "I attempted out many various hairstyles and disguises for this role. I had to pay numerous attention to my habit and voice when I changed into a beauty".

"I did notwould like to lose to Ko Chang-seok. I are having a look todisplay that I will exist comical too".