Are Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo having an affair

Are Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo having an affair

Actress Kim Min-hee is being accused of being in an affair with director Hong Sang-soo.

A media reported that Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were secretly seeing every other. In line with the report, they first met right through "Right Now, Wrong Then" and feature been in an beside the pointdating since then. Hong Sang-soo is a married guy who married A in 1985 and has a daughter in college.

Kim Min-hee has at all times been Hong's muse. They've worked on 3 moviesin combination and the inappropriate relationship between them is understoodto a few in the film world, even ifeach personattempted to stay it at the down low.

The two even went to Cannes together. It appears it was once for Hong Sang-soo's newestmotion pictureyet they were noticed out together.

Apparently their families know about their relationship. Kim Min-hee is these daysoperatingon my own alongsidea private manager and Hong Sang-soo hasn't been heard from ever since he left home.