Watch: Tzuyu And Jungyeon Disclose The Contents Of TWICEs Refrigerator And By chance Betray Their Messiest Member

Watch: Tzuyu And Jungyeon Disclose The Contents Of TWICEs Refrigerator And By chance Betray Their Messiest Member

Watch: Tzuyu And Jungyeon Expose The Contents Of TWICE’s Refrigerator And By chance Betray Their Messiest Memberilmare42 June 20, 2016 0 Watch: Tzuyu And Jungyeon Reveal The Contents Of TWICE’s Fridge And Accidentally Betray Their Messiest Member On June 20’s episode of “Please Cope with My Refrigerator,” TWICE’s Jungyeon and Tzuyu seem as visitors and reveal what’s inside of their group’s fridge!

The two individualsgive an explanation for that they are living in a dorm with all nine members of the group, with Jungyeon and Momo in the smallest room, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, and Dahyun in the middle-sized room, and Jihyo, Nayeon, Sana, and Mina in the biggest room.

When MCs Kim Sung Joo and Ahn Jung Hwan open their fridge, they’re shockedby potential of how blank IT is, and even though Jungyeon says that they all stay it tidy, Tzuyu says that Jungyeon’s the one that cleans it up the most.

Kim Sung Joo jokes that there are at all times one or two members who make a multitude of the fridge, and asks Tzuyu if there are any in their group. Instead of reply, Tzuyu just wordlessly smiles and nods.

“Is it any person in the greatest room?” asks Ahn Jung Hwan, and Tzuyu nods again.

Everyone laughs, adding Jungyeon, who playfully hits Tzuyu at the arm for her betrayal. Kim Sung Joo promises everyone that the member in query will surely come to light!

While going during the contents in their fridge, the members say that they consistentlyconsume the food given to them by their fans, yet that they never eat gifts that had been given in particular to another member. Kim Sung Joo asks Tzuyu if she’s ever done it secretly, and she says earnestly, “I don’t devote that roughly crime.”

But when asked if any one in their workforce does, she replies without any hesitation, “Yes.” The MCs ask if it’s someone in the largest room, and Tzuyu laughs and just says she doesn’t know, but in the meantime Jungyeon covers her face in her hands!

The MCs in findingnumerous bottles and cans of drinks in the fridge which are open but bestpartly consumed, but Jungyeon and Tzuyu won’t tell them which member has a tendencyto position back the half-drunk juices and other drinks. The entire chefs and MCs wish to know if it’s the member in the largest room who’s done this too, and this time around it’s Jungyeon who admits that they’re right, as Tzuyu nods in agreement.

Kim Sung Joo starts record off the complete names of the members who are in the largest room, but when he reaches Nayeon, Tzuyu smiles a bit, and Ahn Jung Hwan issues out her reaction.

She denies that shes given them a hint, but they soon locate a water bottle that’s been opened but turns outnearly entirely full. The members burst out guffawing when Ahn Jung Hwan notices that there’s a call written on the cap, and it’s none except for Nayeon!

Tzuyu admits that Nayeon is the individual they’ve been speaking about, and says, “I think I’m going to be hit when I am getting home.” Jungyeon explains that Nayeon ceaselessly hits the alternative members playfully when she laughs, and adds, “But it hurts!”

The chefs and other guests, including members of FIESTAR, then get to flavorone of thefacet dishes in TWICE’s fridge, which have been made by Jungyeon’s mother.

The MCs also realize that their freezer is filled with frozen water bottles, and Tzuyu explains, “We use them to make our faces less puffy.”

Watch more of TWICEs Jungyeon and Tzuyu in this weeks episode of Please Look after My Refrigerator!

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