Interview Son Ye-jin,

Interview Son Ye-jin, "I was once at war with fear"

Actress Son Ye-jin stated she was onceat all times at war with fear.

She's been in more than a fewforms ofvideosyet she constantly felt 'fear'. However, the source of her being in a positionto be conscious of acting and handiest acting without a scandal in her 15-year occupationis also from 'fear'.

"The Reality Beneath" actress spoke truthfully and boldly without any affectations. It changed into impressive to look how she spoke with her mind in her words and she offered her new film every bit 'another turning point'.

"The lighting fixtures in the studio expose my skin obviously and of direction I do not like it. I would like toglancebeautiful and young. But this motion picture made me put from your mind that. I put the entire thingapart and have become free".

The symbol she needsto turn the public and the picture she expects of herself put her thruwar but she's subtle her values.

"My image is just notanythingI can be able to make. It is been 10 years since my first image by way offilms and advertisements was created. That is my image".

"I chose "The Truth Beneath" with courage and I wished ITno longersimply becauseI used to be a mom amongst a teenage daughter. I'm an active wife in aiding my husband (Kim Joo-hyeok) run for the member of the National Assembly. At the similar time, I battleby myselfto discover my lacking daughter".

"I just hope the public does not see me as a particular person. I have always attempted exchange but I will notassist being conscious about other people. I have survived that till now".

It's toughfind an actress who has been in quite so much of roles like Son Ye-jin. She claims she's 'run'.

"It would be a lie to mentionI have been glad all my acting life. I have had struggles and occasionally things did notdeterminethe style I planned too".

She wonthe facilityto triumph over her struggles through people. "I have many 'old' friends. My firm has been with me since prime school, my makeup and hair designers had been with me for 14 years now. They are vital to me".

Son Ye-jin discussed she saw the documentary about the past due Amy Winehouse.

"Art comes from experience, so what about me? I ponder whether a healthy brain would bring out a neater performance. An actress has to keep watch over herself and it's tough".

"I don't keep away fromtension intentionally". Every time she feels stress, she is going on vacation. She loves to travel.

"I walk around in sportswear. There isn't anyprohibit to traveling".