Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" SEO Ha-joon meets Jin Se-yeon

Seo Ha-joon met Jin Se-yeon for the primary time.

On the 15th episode of the MBC weekend drama "The Flower in Prison", Myeong-jong (Seo Ha-joon) met Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) for the 1st time.

The famine used to be starving the folksor even the prisoners were starving to death. The rustic had stopped offering rice to the prison. A guy named Lee Ki-joon got hereto test things in the prison and Ok-nyeo told him about the starving prisoners.

Ok-nyeo said, "I am young, yet I have lived in this prison the longest. I understand how the prison has been run. They did not starve the prisoners even all through famine. Those prisoners are so deficient that by way of what method would they get assist from the outside?"

Lee Ki-joon becameinspired by Ok-nyeo's boldness. Lee Ki-joon was in reality Queen Moon-jeong's (Kim Mi-Sook) son Myeong-jong. He concealed his identity to peer how his individuals were doing and met Ok-nyeo for the first time.