Half of All Foreign Citizens in Korea are Chinese

Half of All Foreign Citizens in Korea are Chinese

The collection of foreigners living in Korea has more than doubled over the past decade to 1.9 million people.

According to immigration census information released on Wednesday, the percentage of foreigners in the population rose from 1.5 % in 2005 to 3.7 percent remaining year.

Most were Chinese with 955,870 other folks or 50.3 percent of the foreign population, followed by way ofAmericans (138,660 or 7.3 percent), Vietnamese (136,760 or 7.2 percent) and Thais (93,350 or 4.9 percent).

Meanwhile, the variety of foreign site visitors to Korea larger 10 percent per year till 2014 yet dropped 6.3 percent last year to 13.36 million because of the outbreak of Heart East Breathing Syndrome.

During June to September last year, when the MERS outbreak raged, there used to be a whopping 30.7 percent drop on-year in foreign visitors.

Chinese also made up the most importantworkforce of visiting foreigners with 46 percent or 6.15 million, followed by 1.86 million Japanese, 859,000 Americans and 551,000 Taiwanese.

A overall of 19.58 million Koreans traveled out of the country terminal year, up around 19 percent in comparison to 2014.

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