EXO Discusses Being Called “Record Breaking Machines” And The Force Of Expectations

EXO Discusses Being Called “Record Breaking Machines” And The Force Of Expectations

EXO Discusses Being Called Checklist Breaking Machines And The Power Of Expectancies jun2yng June 18, 2016 0 EXO Discusses Being Called Record Breaking Machines And The Rigidity Of Expectations As it's miles amongsteach EXO comeback, wallets change into lighter and records are broken. It is not anyother with EXO’s contemporary comeback with their 3rd studio album, “EX’ACT.”

EXO killed the charts with namemusic “Monster,” and covered up other songs from their album in the charts, as well. Inside of 6 days, EXO pre-sold 660,000 copies of “EX’ACT,” brieflycoming near1000000 copies even sooner than the album’s release; if “EX’ACT” reaches one million sold, it'll exist the 0.33 to do so out of 3 albums for EXO.

On behalf of EXO, leader Suho spoke to OSEN in regards to theluck of the new album. “There are such so much ofother folks that we were thankful to all through album productions. We ready the album as one, and the individuals were slightly determined, as well.” He continued, “We’re so thankful for EXO-Ls and every person for supporting our album, and we as EXO have was more self-assured every bit a team, too.”

Suho also spoke about the crowdat all times breaking records. “We’re proud about breaking records, yet nosotros strongly accept as true with it’s anything we succeed in with the fans, so we mightlove it if enthusiasts were proud of themselves and happy, too. It'd befantastic if we may have a birthday celebration with EXO-Ls each time there’s a new record.”

He expressed thank you at being deemed “record breaking machines,” whilst as wellannouncing that they do fear and feel the pressure to consistently see tremendouseffects and meet records. “While we most definitely won’t always be readyto wreck records in the future, our mindset will always improve, and we’ll continue to paintingsin opposition toappearingcontinuouslyprogressed performances and higher music.”

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