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Upcoming Korean film "Young Mother: The Original"

Added the approaching Korean film "Young Mother: The Original"'s page to HanCinema database"Young Mother: The Original" (2016)Directed through Jeong Do-sooWith Baek Seul-bi, Oh Gil-jae, Kang Han-na-I, Do Mo-se ,...SynopsisI had a dream...sleeping with you and Hwa-yeong. Jin-goo and Joo-hee were satisfiedtill one day their daughter Hwa-yeong, who had eloped with any other man, got here home. Hwa-yeong and Jin-goo were a couple in class and she had gotten pregnant. So things happenedtemporarily and they were given to are living alongside Hwa-yeong's mother Joo-hee. However, when Hwa-yeong discovered out she wasn't pregnant, take to every other with some otherguy and left the house. Jin-goo and Joo-hee had fallen in love whilst she used to be gone. Hwa-yeong had damaged up with her other man and came home. However, she unearths it bizarre that Jin-goo is still at her mother's house. Jin-goo and Joo-hee put out all types of lies to concealthe reality from Hwa-yeong. Hwa-yeong needs Jin-goo back and Joo-hee tries now not to let her take him. Jin-goo may be stuck in the center and does not know what to do...Release date in Korea : 2016/06/23