Seo Hyeon-Jin Triumphs After 10-Year Apprenticeship

Seo Hyeon-Jin Triumphs After 10-Year Apprenticeship

Seo Hyeon-jinis now regarded as the queen of romantic comedies with the soaring repute of"Oh Hae-Young Again"on cable channel tvN.

Seo plays a lady who moves space afterwards a damaged engagement and falls in love with her neighbor.

The drama began alongside a lower than3%scoreyet is most probably to turn out to bethe primary weekday soap on cable to list over 10 percent. The newest episode completed a 9.4 percent rating.

Seo says she has rather a lot in commonplace with her character, who considers herself unlucky.

Seo made her debut in 2001 as lead vocalist of ladystaff M.I.L.K., but the four-member community were disbanded soon after.

Then she enduredto look in soaps but failed to catch viewers' attention. At one point her folksadvised she surrender acting.

The turning point after allgot here with tvN drama"Let's Eat"last year. Departing from the sublime roles in outdated dramas, she played a comical, half-witted persona and were givenjust right reviews.

Seo says she is attracted to characters who are deficient and now not so special because she can relate to them more easily.

In the newest drama, she displays some of her very best acting abilities to date, portraying a character with common emotional ups and downs. Ultimately her decade-long apprenticeship gamblingthe total lot from villains to eye sweet is paying off.