CLC’s Eunbin Not able  To wait Fan Assembly  Because of Illness

CLC’s Eunbin Not able To wait Fan Assembly Because of Illness

CLCs Eunbin Not ableTo wait Fan AssemblyBecause ofSickness kokoberry June 17, 2016 0 CLCs Eunbin Unable To Attend Fan Meeting Due To Illness Dice Entertainment in the pastinstructedenthusiasts that CLCs Eunbin would be unable to attend a fan signaltournament at a bookshop in Yeouido, Seoul on June 17.

On June 18, Cube Entertainment published that Eunbin were throwing up because the morning of June 17. Taking into consideration the deficient state of her health, Cube Entertainment determined she will have tono longer attend the fan sign occasionso as for her to leisureand pay attention on recuperation.

The fan sign event happened with the alternativeindividualsadding Seunghee, Yeeun, Sorn, Seungyeon, Yujin, and Elkie.

Meanwhile, CLC are busy selling their new mini-album NU.CLEAR at the facet of their nametune No Oh Oh.

CLC Mini Album Vol. four - Nu.ClearToughen the artist by capability ofpurchasing NU.CLEAR from YesAsia Source (1)

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