Jang Kiha Unearths IU’s Reaction To His Bowl Cut

Jang Kiha Unearths IU’s Reaction To His Bowl Cut

Jang Kiha Unearths IUs Reaction To His Bowl Cutleonid June 17, 2016 0 Jang Kiha Displays IUs Reaction To His Bowl Cut Jang Kiha talks about his new coiffure and what IU thinks about it.

The June 18 episode of KBS2s Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook functions indie rock band Kiha the Faces as guests.

Lead vocal Jang Kiha says, I presumed one knew what you sought after me to speak about, yet I didnt are acutely mindful of it would be about my bowl cut.

He explains, Theres a musician I truly like named Lou Reed. He had this haircut when he used to be young, so Im reminiscent of him.

The target market cracks up when MC Yoo Hee Yeol comments, That haircut is obviously from Megastar Trek.

Jang Kiha then discusses the reactions his bowl cut has won from people. He stocks that once, upon entering the degreeright througha large festival, s.omeone from the audience saw him and said, What the

He continues, It more or less feels to be receiving combined reviews. I truly like it.

Yoo Hee Yeol then asks him, What did she say? regarding singer IU, Jang Kihas girlfriend. The singer becomes bashful and answers, She stated ITturned into cute.

“Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook” proclaims on Fridays at 12:10 a.m. KST.

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