Lee Jung Charged For Previous  Inebriated  Using Incident   Agency’s Response

Lee Jung Charged For Previous Inebriated Using Incident Agency’s Response

Lee Jung Charged For PreviousInebriatedRiding Incident Agencys Reaction kminjungee June 17, 2016 0 Lee Jung Charged For Earlier Drunk Driving Incident Agencys Response Singer Lee Jung has been charged with a fine of four million won (approximately $3,400) because of a drunk driving incident that came about on Jeju Island back in April.

According to statements from the Jeju District Prosecutors Office on June 17, the singer used to bestuck around 1:30 a.m. KST on April 22 for driving whilstbeneath the impression at a DUI checkpoint close to a fuel station in Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si.

At the time, the singers blood alcohol content point measured 0.143 percent, and he submitted to the police without a resistance.

Earlier reports from nowadays claimed that Lee Jung changed intothese days nether investigation for the sooner incident, and that his case was being treatedthrough the prosecutors office. While his agency, at the time, was not able to get in touch with the singer, they later showed that he had indeed been caught back in April for driving under the influence.

His firm LOUDers Entertainment states, Lee Jung himself acknowledges there aren't any explanations nor excuses for what has happened. Moving forward, he'llstop all activities and take time to reflect on the situation. We ask for forgivenessall over again for troubling everyone.

Lee Jung also left a message via his fan cafe, individually apologizing for disappointing everyone. He reiterates that his movements were inexcusable, and he will take time to repent for what he has done.

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