Yang Jung Won Beneath Hearth For Back-Stabbing Key is Hyosung!

Yang Jung Won BeneathHearth For Back-Stabbing Key's Hyosung! Jun 17, 2016 08:44

Source: Yang Jung Won under controversy for speakingat the back of Hyosung "I think she were givensurgical treatment on her gums"

1,027 -45 She utterly got stuck for acting like a fox kkk962 -43 Why are you taking your gum complex out on Hyosung kkkk foxy817 -39 The staffs are being so disrespectful, announcing that there was once no in deficient health intent behind Jung Won's words, yetit isglaringly that this isn'tanything Jun Hyosung or her lovers would experience hearing175 -6 The style how she stated is implying that Hyosung had to get it done to seem pretty, wherein she is still taking a lookcandy even with her herbal gums kkkkkk, from girls mind, it be like whilst you gossip about your plastic friend just to sing their own praisesthat you are all organic 146 -4 Standard foxy style... Dragging others just to make herself glance better. She sought afterto stress that she never got paintings done on her gums, thus she put Hyosung down, when she's now not even certain whether she got surgical operation on them.82 -11 She beats Taeyeon on the topic of acting like a fox Comparable VideosHyo Seong,Secret,Yang Jung Won Facebook Twitter Google