"News Room" Son Ye-jin surprises Son Seokhee

Son Ye-jin stunned Son Seokhee with her expressiveness.

Son Ye-jin seemedat the JTBC "News Room".

Son Ye-jin spoke about the film "The Fact Beneath". "The genre is dark and heavy because it is amysteryyet the male persona is a noted anchor who is readyto cross into the National Assembly. That is his task simplythe talestarts amongst a couple whose daughter is one day lost. The motion picturewill now not be masculine or political".

"This time I used to bereadyto specific the sadness of having lost her daughter and you may have gotto look it to agree with it".

Son Ye-jin is the icon of 'innocence'. She stated it made her shy and she feels she muststrive at being 'innocent' again.

The actress also added, "There had been many videos with breaking records of 10 million audience but that's up to the heavens. I haven't any greed for that".

Son Ye-jin showed her admire for Kim Hye-ja's motion pictures and she said that the films still made her feel tingly.

Son Ye-jin said, "I needto have a look at a street movie where ladies go wild. There are a huge number of movies based totally around men but it willdevelop into a suppression for women.

Meanwhile, "The Truth Beneath" is a mystery thriller about a guy named Jong-chan (Kim Joo-hyeok) and his wife Yeon-hong (Son Ye-jin) and their lives for the following 15 days. The movie comes out on the 23rd.