Photos Why did it take a week The entire 7-day report

Photos Why did it take a week The entire 7-day report

1. Morning of June 4th, Nonhyeon-dong B Ten Caf

2. 11folksadding Park Yoo-chun have a birthday birthday party

3. Park Yoo-chun has sex alongside 'A' in the toilet

4. 'A' sues him for rape on June 10th

5. Cancels fees on June 14th

And here's anythingthey did not tell us...

6. The things that came about for 7 days since June 4th to the 10th

7. The reality close to Park Yoo-chun and 'A's intercourse and if it was once forced of no longer

8. The detailed evidence 'A' submitted to the police

9. Why 'A' cancelled the rates

In addition, 'A's identity has been printed on SNS and rumors have began spreading

Hallyu big name Park Yoo-chun become accused of rape. He had sex with call lady named 'A' at Ten Caf at the quaternary of June.

'A' sued Park six days later for rape. She acknowledged the intercourse they had in the relaxation room was 'unwanted'. Then she cancelled the charges four days later.

Is it over? There are some portions left unclear. Numbers 1~5 are transparentyet 6~10 aren't.

Dispatch took the time to arrange the case that happened for the beyond x days. We met with 'A's friend and also an worker from the room salon.

Regarding number 6, 'A's boyfriend's friend 'C' mediated this example with C-JeS.

Gangsters were also concerned with this case.

'A' told C-JeS about what happened on the 4th and they met on a standard basis to mediate things till the 10th.

'A' was clean about her stance. She sought after an apology and compensation. C-JeS was also clear about its stance and it was to forestall her from suing them.

Dispatch went via their conversations too.

"We are focused on how to make her feel better". (C-JeS)

"She's ashamed and having a troublesome time. She does not know what to do". ('C')

C-JeS sent out the dept head on the 4th, the director on the 7th and Baek from the crowd organization Yangeun on the 8th to satisfy with 'C'. Baek may be the father of Baek Chang-joo, president of C-JeS.

Baek met with 'C' on the 8th and said, "You will have to know who I'm and soyou would love to convince her well".

Baek Chang-joo handiestseemed on the 10th. He met 'C' at a hotel and told him he did not take plans to compensate.

This was 6 days after the incident happened and it was all because they could not meet eye to eye. 'A' neededrepayment and C-JeS only stalled time.

Then what happened that night? Number 7, the truth about their intercourse and whether or now not information technology was forceful got here to mind.

Dispatch discovered out that Park Yoo-chun did have intercourse with 'A' in the bathroom. The facts about this are in number 8.

The evidence 'A' gave to the police was her lingerie with semen on it. It proves they had intercourse.

However, whether it was forceful, the police will in finding out. When 'A' sued Park at first, she claimed she didn't would like to get sex.

However, she's replaced her story. She said she wasn't forced into doing it and that she only sued him because she concept Park and his friend's looked at her pathetically.

One more thing... what does she mean by 'looked at her pathetically?'

Apparently, the buddies asked if she did it with Park in the lavatory and they wanted the similar thing. 'A' knew she was being toyed with.

'A' cancelled the charges on the 14th. Her boyfriend revealed why she did so but something's not right. That comes down to the agreement money.

Indeed, 'A' and her palsmentioned compensation for a week. They met with practicallyeachauthentic in C-JeS in order. However, they couldn't see eye to eye and that is the reason what made her pass to the police.

Then she cancelled her charges in exactly 4 days. It appears she worried that the case has long past together withsome distance and was worried that this had inflicted much ruin on Park Yoo-chun's name.

She was other from the time she wanted heavy punishment for what he did. Some say she was compensated.

Now, 'A's identity is going round the web. First of all, the image of 'A' as discussed in number 10, isn't her. Dispatch checked it out.

'A' is not a complete fourth dimension employee at Ten Caf. She only does it as a phase time activity and works there 2~3 times a week.

Her boyfriend is not in that industry as well. He does trading with China. The next are the explanations why she sued Park in the primary place.

According to 'C', 'A' was crying on the 4th because she thought Park Yoo-chun and his guests had played her. She actually wanted to punish them.

Finally, the rumors about the 600,000 won tip. Media claimed that Park Yoo-chun gave her 600,000 won in guidelines after sex. If this is true, that isa contravention of the prostitution law.

An employee from Ten Caf said, "There was a woman called N that evening and she did a display for them on the table. Park Yoo-chun threw 300,000 won in tricks for her. There would have towere a misunderstanding".

'A' also denied that she was paid. She claims that she was never paid for sex and it was just rumors.

Park Yoo-chun is these days on National Accountability at the Gangnam District Workplace which stated that he was just an routineuseras hostile tothe dayshe's on duty.

The workplacehave shyed away fromquestions on the sexual activity and only said, "That happened after duty and if there is anything regarding his punishment, we can get a call".