Get to grasp KCONIC Entertainments New Woman Group: BULLDOK!

Get to grasp KCONIC Entertainments New Woman Group: BULLDOK!

KCONIC Entertainmentis able to debut a new amazing woman group,BULLDOK, and enthusiasts are very desirous about this announcement.

The workforceis shapedvia five members:Lee Jinhee, Kim Minji, Park Sehee, Kim HyeongeunandPark Sora. The primary4 were participants inMNET's'Produce 101', whileSorawas a phase of 'Kildults'. So, shall we get to understandjust a little more about the members?

Jinhee is the major song of the group. She was once born in 1991 and is the cousin ofLee JinAhfrom'KPOP Superstar 4', who these days debuted with 'Appetizer'. Her officialInstagramis @heelee_xoxo. Take a glance at herintroduction videofrom'Produce 101'and a her quilt ofBIGBANG's'Monster':

Born in 1993, Minji is the rapper of the group. She's referred to as a former member ofScarlet, a four member girlgroup who debuted with'Do Better'in 2014. She is going by the levelcall ofKimiand her reliable Instagram is @queenkong_kimi. You must definitely watch herintroduction videoand her canopy ofVerbalJint's'You Glance Good':

Sehee became born in 1993 and is a vocal/rapper. She'salso the sister ofTopp Dogg'sP-Goon, and her Instagram account is @qkrtpgml2005. Watch herintroduction videoand her disguise ofJohn ParkandHuhGak's'My Best':

Born in 1994, Hyungeun is the major rapper and maknae of the group. Her Instagram account is @fxxkimxx. Inspect herintroduction videoand her cover of Verbal Jint's 'You Appearance Good':

Sora is the leader ofBULLDOKand was born in 1992. She's the sole member who did nottake part in'Produce 101', yet made her way into the entertainment global through'Kidults'. Her Instagram is @sol_x.x.Check out her cover ofBeyonc's 'Halo':

The womenwere getting a massive number of attention recently, and their corporate also released a couple of dance cover from the 1st four members. Test them out:

The date ofBULLDOK's debut hasn't been announced yet, but it isacknowledged to be between the finish of June and the start of July.

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